Perspective – July 8th

Yeah, that might be fleeting and elusive at the moment…

Let’s say it’s been one of THOSE days at the end of one of THOSE weeks, which means that July is starting to be one of THOSE months, the same as June was, and May was, and…

So I’m “spinning” a bit, and realized in bed at about 01:00 last night that I forgot to publish yesterday’s post. C’est la vie, c’est la guerre! Note that I did NOT get out of bed at 01:01 and go hit that “publish” button. (“A man’s got to know his limitations!”) As always, I’ll get by with a little help from my friends.

I also want to focus on the positive, so I’ll note that our (“our” = “CAF SoCal’s”) P-51 is back up and flying! This is tremendous news and due to the superhuman efforts by our P-51 maintenance crew, led by Trace Eubanks. Not enough nice things can be said about what he’s gotten done with that plane, and others.

The plane’s actually up at the Truckee airshow this weekend selling rides, but here are some pictures from a different perspective (see what I did there?) that I took a couple of weeks ago as it was nearing completion. (I think I’m getting punchy…)

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One response to “Perspective – July 8th

  1. I’m shocked…. you didn’t get out of bed to publish?
    I’ll forgive you lol


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