Big Planes In The Rain

Bombers and cargo planes.

AAF’s B-25 “Executive Sweet”

CAF SoCal’s C-46 “China Doll”

CAF SoCal’s PBJ “Semper Fi”

Clouds, drizzle, cold, and occasional downpours courtesy of a dark and suck-filled timeline.


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6 responses to “Big Planes In The Rain

  1. wcroth55

    We just returned from a trip to NYC (gasp, shudder, self-quarantine!) that included some time on the Intrepid “museum”. If you’ve never been there, I have some pics of historic aircraft that might be of interest. (Can I post pics here? Don’t see an option.)

    Including myself, sitting inside the actual Gemini 3 capsule. 🙂

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    • The Intrepid museum is fantastic – we saw it when we visited NYC in 2016. So cool that you got to see it and sit in the Gemini!

      I don’t think you can post anything other than text in WordPress comments, at least I don’t know how. I did find out that you can post raw HTML code to use bold & italics, but most folks don’t know HTML.


  2. wcroth55

    Nope. Looks like it filtered out my HTML.

    Let’s see what it does with a plain link:


  3. wcroth55

    Hmm, tried a link, and it (seemingly) did not post the comment at all — unless it’s being held for moderation. Ah, well.


  4. wcroth55

    OK, now the link showed up. Anyway, the Intrepid was a great visit, I recommend it to anyone who visits NYC… once life calms down again.

    They also have a sub (“Growler”) that carried an early form of nuclear cruise-missle. A fascinating glimpse at the thinking of that time in history.


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