Moments Of Zen

It was windy. A pretty steady 20+ knots with gusts to 30+. The wind chimes were working overtime.

And dry. The hummingbird feeders were empty and Little Bastard was pissed. Every time I went out into the back yard he was buzzing me, reminding me that the feeders were empty. I finally took them down, cleaned them, and put more nectar in them.

After dark the clouds and fog of the past several evenings were gone (of course!) and our three current planetary visitors were still lined up nicely.

For those of you needing an assist to ID them:

Keep breathing, folks.


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2 responses to “Moments Of Zen

  1. What sort of temperatures do you have that the little guy is still buzzing about. We’re having a cold spell, barely over 40 deg F, and around 30 at night.

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    • 75° to 80° highs, 45° to 50° lows. Today with the extra special treat of high winds, steady 30+ mph with gusts to 45 month. Also very dry, only 5% humidity, so while it’s cool, any brush fire that starts will spread fast.

      These hummingbirds don’t seem to be migratory, they’re here year round.


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