Yet More Weird, Weird Weather

The LEAPTech NASA Social pictures and articles are coming. 295 pictures (plus more than an hour of video) are being whittled down to about three dozen images, to be combined with the story behind them all, probably in a four-part report. That’s not quite done yet.

This week’s Flash Fiction from Chuck Wendig, which I’ve missed for about a month now? Yeah, right. Maybe that’s not happening again this week either.


At risk of simply “talking about the weather” — Jeeze Louise, did you see the rain coming down today in SoCal?!

If you haven’t spent a few years in the region, you can’t really grasp just how unusual it is to get rain here at this time of year. It’s not quite “sign of the impending Apocalypse” unusual, but it’s definitely “holy crap what’s going on here” unusual. Especially while we’re in this four-year drought and getting about 1% of the rain we normally get in the “rainy season.”

Today I was out at the CAF hangar, playing catch up. The rain out in Camarillo was significant, and being that I was in a huge, mostly empty, metal echo chamber, the noise was impressive as well. I was involved with my accounting stuff and really hadn’t noticed that everyone else had left, so when the next wave of really heavy showers hit, I was surprised to find myself alone.

It’s a little hard to hear, but at about the 12-second point the noise went from really loud to really, REALLY loud. (And doesn’t that Spitfire look gorgeous? I love that plane, I really do.) After the dash through the ops office to get a view outside, you can also see a small plane on short final off in the distance. It looked like a Cessna 150 or 172, and in that weather he had to really have his hands full. I saw him taxi by a little later so he got down OK, but the pilot might need a change of pants.

An hour or so later, after it had tailed off a bit, I made my dash to the car. The Camarillo area was in a relatively calm spot, but there were awesome and ominous clouds all around. To the north, toward the coastal mountains…


…and toward the south and the ocean about five miles away.


Finally, I made it home (through scattered showers) just to have it start to absolutely pour again just as I was turning into the driveway. (Timing is everything!) In addition, soon after we got an hour or so of lightning and thunder, always a favorite of mine. (Really — not being snarky.)

For those of you where this kind of weather is known as “Thursday,” I hope you’ll forgive the “gee whiz” factor here. I grew up with “normal” weather and loved it when it got a little bit active. After more than forty years in SoCal, with its extremely muted climate, this is great stuff.

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