That Feeling When – March 03rd

That feeling when you’re feeling the time pressure because the freakin’ computer at the hangar went belly up and you really don’t have the time to be dealing with this but you’ve actually gotten to the store and gotten a decent new computer in a reasonable amount of time but now you’re standing in the parking lot because you know you parked Hissy over here somewhere because you remember being next to that car and just down from that car but Hissy’s nowhere to be seen and you can’t figure out what in hell you’re doing wrong but gee, that car right there looks just like your old van, same color, same everything, what are the odds of that…

And yet Siri wondered why I needed directions to get back to the hangar.

Don’t think of it as a brain cramp – think of it as “flight following” in a moment of exhaustion.

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Filed under Deep Thoughts, Health, Paul

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