Long Valley Flowers

Last Saturday we were in Palm Springs. One of the things that I love to do but don’t do nearly often enough is hiking out in the woods and getting out into the wild a bit.

Outside of Palm Springs is the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which goes from the desert floor (at about 2,600′ elevation and 110ºF+) to the top of San Jacinto Peak (at about 8,500′ elevation and 65ºF). At the station on the top there’s a fairly steep ramp that goes down about 100′ to the floor of Long Valley where there are a couple of short (0.75 miles and 1.50 miles) day hike trails. I took the longer, “Desert View Loop” trail.

Along the way I saw these flowers.

They really stand out!

No clue what they are. A Google image search found a lot of African flowers that are bright red and growing out of pine needle ground cover, but the closest I found for a southwest US setting was captioned “scarlet gilia, also called skyrocket.” That ‘s probably not quite correct, but it might be close.

Anyway, when I eventually go out on what I thought was going to be a 30 minute day hike over flat ground and instead spend two hours going 2.5 miles at 8,415 feet including two fairly steep trails going up a couple hundred feet and thin air with (STUPIDLY!! 🤨 Yes, I do know better 😫 ) no water at my age thinking in my poor, pathetic brain that I’m still 25 instead of 65, when that day comes and it finally kills me (I hope that day will be far in the future, but…), plant some of these on my grave. 😁



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6 responses to “Long Valley Flowers

  1. I’ve forwarded this to my friend Rebecca who does a lot of hiking and flower photos, and also lives in California. I’ll let you know what she says (if she doesn’t come here herself!)

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  2. Rebecca Douglass

    It took some research—I’m not great at flowers, and the photos don’t give all the info. But it’s almost certainly a penstemon, I think a pine needle beardtongue.

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    • Rebecca, thanks for looking into this, I appreciate it! Looking it up, I love that it’s used by hummingbirds, lots of those colorful little buzzbombs in our yard. I also love that the name sounds like an Orc horde leader from Lord of the Rings! 😂

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  3. Rebecca Douglass

    I’m pretty sure “Beardtongue” is one of the Ents 😀

    Maybe not, on reflection. More like one of Tolkien’s dwarfs.

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