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Spelling Counts

The LA Kings have their first pre-season games tonight (it beats repeats of Hallmark movies that I’ve seen multiple times) but the game’s not on either television or radio. I finally found out that it was on the iHeartRadio app, so I downloaded the app and created an account. I found the game, but also learned an interesting lesson.

If you’re searching for “LA Kings” but type in “LA Kinks” by mistake…

I’m hardly a prude and I have a vivid imagination, but there are apparently things out there that are so far out of my range of experience that words simply fail!

And not one of those suggestions mentioned either of the Davies brothers!

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REALLY Full Tonight

And I got out the good camera for the occasion.

Remember I said you could see Griffith Observatory? It’s over to the right from this view. This is the big peak in Griffith Park, with the Hollywood sign just on the far side to the right of that radio/TV tower. (Click on the image to view it full sized.)

Ooooh, looky what I found! Just five hours short of full, that’s about 99.99% illuminated and coming up through the evening haze.

Play with the exposure time and you get some detail, craters and “oceans.”

Remember that hill and radio tower?

You could almost reach out and touch it.

Pull back a little bit and you can see the lights coming on across the San Fernando Valley.

Looking for the owl. (Didn’t see, or hear, him.)

Is that a dot in the upper left, at about the 10:00 position? No, that would be a plane taking off out of Burbank! I was shooting a series of bracketed shots and you can clearly see the plane coming up from the lower left, going in front of the moon…

…and then taking off a bit to the upper right before looping back around to cross over Van Nuys Airport and head north toward Northern California or the Pacific Northwest. (I’ve taken that takeoff many a time!)

Lots of hubbub online about “a full moon on Friday the Thirteenth!!” Give me a break. Just enjoy the beautiful moon and the view – you don’t need anything more than that.

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Better Than A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick

Getting out of work at 20:15 sort of sucks. Knowing it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better sucks even more.

Having this sort of view off of the parking lot deck doesn’t really make up for it, but as the title says…

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Mystery 2021 Model Something-Or-The-Other

SoCal being SoCal, we’ll occasionally see one of these on the road:

This is most likely a prototype, pre-production version of some sort of big-name sports car. It might be a 2021 model undergoing testing of some sort.

The bizarre paint scheme (actually just some sort of glued on sheets, sort of like that weird shelf paper our mothers all put in the kitchen cabinets) is designed to make it hard to discern the exact shape and contours of the vehicle. The car manufacturers need to get some real world test data, but they don’t want anyone in the real world to know what it looks like until the advertising gurus pop up with the appropriate marketing campaign, probably at some world class auto show.

We were stuck in stop-and-stop traffic, so I had plenty of time to gawk. You’ll notice that even if you peek in the window, the dashboard, instruments, and pretty much EVERYTHING is covered up.

If traffic had been just a bit more horrible, it would have been tempting to hop out and see if one of those camouflage sheets had a loose end available for a good, hard tug. Just ’cause, don’t you know!

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May’s Weird Weather In LA

Rain. Thunder. Lightning. In May. In Los Angeles.

Yeah, I get it. You live in Tornado Alley and weather like this just means that it’s a day that ends in “Y” and you think I (and everyone else in LA going ape over a little bit of convective activity) am a real goober.

Fine, wait until you come out here and run into Anne Hathaway or Keanu Reeves in Starbucks and you can’t remember your own name for five minutes…

I wasn’t sure we would actually get any rain at our location, but then the first drops hit the window.

The the lightning started and with it the downpours.

It was great to watch at lunch from the dry safety of my office.

(Image from NOAA Hi-Def Weather Radar Pro app)

Yeah – that’s a lot of yellow, orange and red!

(Image from Weather Underground app)

After the fact I noticed this on Weather Undergound – look at that temperature drop! 14°F in about an hour.

Fun times!



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A Journey Of Discovery

Well, to be honest…

“Journey” might be a bit of a stretch. More like a “commute.”

And it’s not just Discovery. It’s Sports, Evoques, a Velar, and the old fashioned Range Rovers.

Tjree years ago there was a time when I was seeing Maseratis everywhere and commented on it. It turned out at the time that they had just introduced an “affordable” model (which I believe to be a shitty business decision, but that’s a topic for a different day) and there really were a whole lot more of them around than normal.

Now it’s Range Rovers.

I understand that LA might not be Omaha or even Denver or Raleigh-Durham. For example, these days Teslas are literally a dime a dozen around here. In my fifteen minute, six mile commute to work, I’ll see dozens of them every day. Granted, I see more Chevys and Fords than I do Teslas, but compared to how many Teslas I saw in Raleigh-Durham, they’re everywhere.

Other makes are more rare. A Ferrari or a Lamborghini? Every once in a while, a few times a year maybe, and they’re attention getters. On the other hand, some of these vehicles only have a couple hundred cars produced by hand per year, so even seeing one is pretty rare.

Somewhere in the middle are the cars that you see every now and then, but they’re not common. They’re also not really that head turning. For example, I drive a Volvo C70 convertible so I might tend to notice other Volvos, but I can go days and weeks at a time without noticing one. They don’t sell that many.

In that  category are the Range Rovers. My old office was across the street from one of the only dealers in LA so I would see them all the time out my office window, but rarely on the street. Until this month.

Are they having a Buy One Get One free sale or something? Or is this just the most bizarre selection effect going for some reason?

From “oh, there’s one” every now and then to “shit, I’m surrounded!” in just a matter of days got my attention. And once I started noticing, we’re hip deep in them. Literally every single commute to or from the office I’m seeing two or three dozen. Different colors and models, but a large number of them have the new paper, temporary plates.

They’re not cheap vehicles, but they’re nice. I’m just not sure why the number that I see on the street has so noticeably skyrocketed.

Maybe I should go check out that BOGO thing?

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No Longer Charred

You might remember that we had a major brush fire here back in November. It left tens of thousands of acres blackened and charred.

Then came the rains that caused mudslides, flooding, and rock slides as the denuded hillsides had nothing to hold the soil.

But life is cyclic. (Life is also “psychotic,” but we’re going for upbeat and cheerful tonight, so work with me here.) The plants that covered those hillsides have evolved over millennia to have their seeds survive those brushfires – some even require it occasionally. And all of that rain followed by our current bouts of warm weather lead to…

Five months ago, these hills were black and smoking, not a single green or living thing in sight. Our house and the west end of the San Fernando Valley is beyond those hills about four miles. The fire had started up there and then headed straight south, coming down over these ridges, jumping the 101 Freeway into Agoura, then south through Mailbu to be stopped only by the Pacific Ocean.

You can see the trees that may or may not ever recover. These must have a chance because the crews have already cut down hundreds of them that were totally gone. But while the trees may take years to come back and recover, the grasses and weeds come back much faster. Everything out here is now covered in yellow mustard flowers and purple sage.

It’s hard to see in the shadow and backlighting, but those darker areas are all purple sage, much like the ones I’ve shown you in our front yard. It’s gorgeous.

Of course, we’re still on that aforementioned cycle – all of this growth will turn brown in July, and by November…

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