April Was One Great Month!

A month ago I was happy to have survived March. March this year had some really good times (“Fifi” visiting us at CAF SoCal, my chance to fly in her, my birthday, CAF SoCal website launch, CAF audit, tax returns, daughter coming home from South America) but was generally lived at about 100 miles an hour with no rest stops.

It occurred to me today when I noticed that post that April had been just as busy, if not more so. But where March felt like hard work, April felt like the whole month was spent at Disneyland. (The good Disneyland, i.e. the fantasy one in the commercials, not the real Disneyland, with long waits for every ride and crowds like the Tokyo subways at rush hour.)

April started with a total lunar eclipse, the third one in less than two years!

There were two week-long trips to the East Coast, with all of the fun & games of commercial air travel. That included our first set of lost luggage in quite a while, some delays due to weather and mechanical issues that led to some very tight connections, and enough jet lag to keep my head spinning like a top.

North Carolina had weather & thunder boomers! Duke Gardens! The Durham Museum of Live & Science! Artsy-trendy-weird hotel-restaurant-bar-museum place! Durham Bulls Stadium! North Carolina Museum of Natural Science! North Carolina State Capitol Building!

I got an invite and went to my fourth NASA Social, this one in Washington for Hubble’s 25th Anniversary! The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum! The Capitol, White House, Washington, Lincoln, & Jefferson Memorials! The World War II and Vietnam War Memorials! A game at Nationals Park! Meeting up with my sister-in-law and getting to see my niece perform in an epic belly dance performance!


After a good & busy March, I celebrated with fireworks pictures from Dodger Stadium. That resulted in a great & busy April. How ’bout we post more pictures from that set and see if we can go for a fantastic & busy May? (Let’s keep it going, I’ve got a whole thesaurus of superlatives to use.)

Sympathetic magic from a die-hard physics major? Whatever works, baby, whatever works.

IMG_2790 small

IMG_2805 small

IMG_2813 small

IMG_2825 small

IMG_2842 small

IMG_2848 small

IMG_2859 small

IMG_2873 small

IMG_2882 small

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