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No Context For You – July 08th (Video)

Sometimes the pocket supercomputer/library/entertainment/communication/ubertools just get a mind of their own. There are some odd things found on there some times.

As someone who earned a check writing computer programs for many years back in the day, I have a general belief that the machines do what we tell them to – we just often don’t understand what we’re telling them to do, so we act baffled when they do it.

I haven’t checked this frame by frame, but it doesn’t seem that there’s anything nasty or indecent in it. The likelihood of that being true is helped considerably by the fact that my life is pretty boring and mundane.

This may or may not be a good thing.

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Vapor In The Cabin

It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in the hot & humid South, but it hasn’t been that rare for me to be getting onto a plane in the hot & humid South. Yet I’ve never seen this before:

  1. It wasn’t black or grey smoke
  2. It didn’t smell like anything dangerous
  3. It was cold as hell
  4. No one else seemed to be paying it any attention…

…so I just ignored it and didn’t start screaming. (This, by the way, is the reason so many horror movies don’t end after five minutes of set up. No one wants to be embarrassed or exposed as the simpleton who sees anything odd about a guy in a hockey mask, carrying a machete, covered in blood. So we all just ignore it and “go along,” which is fine until teenagers start to get hacked to death at an isolated cabin.)

Given the weather, people’s reactions, and the fact that I saw it again on the connecting flight in Charlotte, I’m guessing it’s some new kind of super fast, super powerful cooling system which the planes hook up to while on the ground to keep them at a slightly bearable temperature inside. The white mist isn’t smoke, but water condensation of some sort. Very similar to the “fog” you see coming off of a horizontal fridge at Baskin-Robbins during the summer.

Just so long as they’re not putting me under a tombstone that says, “He saw the smoke but figured it was normal.”


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Inbound To CMA

A thousand thanks to the fellow CAF SoCal Staff member who took me up for a bit of flying today!!! (I generally don’t ID people without their permission if they’re not public figures, so we’ll leave him unnamed for now out of respect for his privacy.)

It had been a while since I had been up in a small plane and the day was just about perfect for a trip around Ventura County.

In this brief clip we’re inbound to CMA (Camarillo Airport) runway 26, over Thousand Oaks and just coming over the Canejo Grade on the 101 Freeway (lower left). You can see the coast off in the distance, with a number of the Channel Islands offshore in the haze. Most of the bright patches out in the distance aren’t lakes or other bodies of water – they’re fields covered in plastic.

The wavering black band in the middle is the propeller. This is a common effect seen in cell phone videos and propeller aircraft, the “bending” effect of the prop coming from the image on the cell phone’s camera CCD being recorded as a series of horizontal scans while the propeller is moving at high speed, being in a slightly different position as each line is scanned.

The runway is there in the haze almost directly in the center of the picture, to the left of the freeway winding through Camarillo, just beyond that somewhat “L-shaped” silver patch of strawberry fields.

After a long, hard week (one of way too many) it was wonderful to get out of the office and up in the air!

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No Context For You – March 10th

No – it’s not the number of traffic accidents tomorrow which are caused as a side effect of Daylight Saving Time going into effect over most of the United States.

But that’s a good guess!

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Cloud Activity

I absolutely love the time lapse photography functions built into the iPhone. Add it to a rare day in LA where there’s a bit of weather moving through…

Now if I could just figure out how to get ride of the reflections off the inside of the windows. (There’s a “bar” across the top of the image about a fifth of the way down – that’s the top of the file cabinet the camera was tilted up against.)

Still, nice clouds. Next maybe some lightning? Please?

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No Context For You – February 26th

Still here. Well, not here, but here.

Has anyone ever worked as a lifeguard? I’m seeing a meme going around on Twitter and FaceBook which says that a key rule (the first rule?) of being a lifeguard is to always remember that you have to save yourself in order to save anyone else.

It sounds kitschy and cliched, but it has enough of a ring of truth to it to make me wonder.

Any past or present Wendy Peffercorn types who can either confirm or deny?

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Noisy Visitor (Video)

Yesterday we had a Navy/Marine T-45 visiting. I mentioned it was noisy. Mind you, some of our WWII planes can get a bit loud, but this is a whole new level.

I set my phone on the ground about twenty feet behind the jet. Note the spray of debris at the 0:30 mark.

Five minutes or so later the jet was waiting for clearance to take off. While they were waiting, someone in a Cessna 172 pulled up behind them to wait their turn next, a position that I thought might be ill advised. You’ll see after the cut, about four minutes later in real time (there were a lot of other planes landing), someone in the tower must have suggested a different course of action.

I love the sound of Jet-A being turned into noise!

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