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And Now, As Expected, December!

November sure was busy enough, and I’ve still got a list of things stacked up that got put aside due to the NaNoWriMo effort. Christmas lights, CAF stuff, general house stuff-stuff, and now my second NASA Social coming up on Wednesday at JPL in Pasadena for the Orion launch. (Watch the sidebar for my tweets, or follow me on Twitter for up to the minute information on Wednesday!)

Mainly though, I would like to see once more what it’s like to be in bed before 12:30 AM or later. So for today at least, Joey will be my spirit guide.

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Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…

…we all had tails like a cat?

Tonight’s bizarre thought is brought to you thanks to Joey Chan, on my lap, asleep, idly flicking her tail back and forth and getting all twitchy when it gets touched. (Okay, I’m poking it and taunting her, but the effect is the same.)

What if people could grow a tail like that? Maybe some sort of advanced genetic manipulation — after they figure out how to regrow missing limbs, cure cancer, and restore a full head of hair to terminally insecure middle-aged men, of course. But if the science dudes and dudettes are then bored and need something new to justify their employment, this could be just the ticket!

Think of all of the possibilities! At first it would be a novelty for the rich and famous, a status thing, a statement of chic. But before long it would become practical, with high-rise iron workers getting them for balance, circus performers getting them to make more complex acrobatics possible, and teenagers getting them just to piss off their parents.

Then to distinguish themselves from the commoners, the Kardashians and Beibers of the day will get them in different colors or patterns. Someone will get a prehensile tail like a spider monkey’s just so they can get an advantage in some sporting event. Gang members will get tails with big bony spikes at the end like Ankylosaurus.

There will need to be accomodations in society. Pants will be a problem. I see the kilt becoming commonplace. (No doubt with an accompanying surge in the popularity of shiny, patent leather shoes for women. Payback’s a bitch, guys.) One can only imagine the ways at the various organized religions will view the phenomenon.

Porn will be an early adopter of the movement. Tail porn will be a thing.

Tail lengths will fluctuate up and down in popularity as men first assume that size matters, then see how easily and painfully their new appendages get caught in doors, then again belive that size matters, then see more pain, then size, then pain, then… I figure the cycle frequency will be about a month.

The Furries will be insufferable.

Someone will be the first to get a second tail, just because. A month later someone will have four. By Christmas someone will look like they’ve got the Flying Spaghetti Monster coming out of their ass.

The purists will remind everyone who will listen that we evolved from apes, not monkeys, and apes don’t have tails. Everyone with tails will “accidentally” smack them in the face when they bring it up.

We’ll have a whole new outlook on hair. Now we’re getting obsessed with making ourselves smooth and bald in most places where we’re supposed to be furry, but that will change once people see what a three-foot long hairless tail looks like. Do you want to look like an opossum? We’ll be taking baths in Rogaine™.

The future is definitely looking long and furry! Zephod Beeblebrox will have nothing on us!

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The Day The Murph-Dog Met The Murph-Cat

Back in the days before I became an Old Fart, when I was just a Young Fart, before I met The Long-Suffering Wife, before the kids, before The First Wife, when I was in college, I had a cat. I probably shouldn’t have had a cat, since I was a starving college kid in a tiny apartment and I between work and school and work and homework I was just a bit busy. But a neighbor had a litter, I looked at them and picked out the slow, dimwitted one, and named him Murphy because he was always in trouble. Then I got into a different apartment for the last two years of college, and Murphy went to live with my parents for the duration.

After graduating college and getting married, there was a period when The First Wife and I rented her parent’s house to live in. Part of the deal was that we also inherited the family dog, who was also named Murphy. In this case, it was because they had gotten her from a family named Murphy, so it was “Murphy’s dog,” which got shortened.

On moving into the house, all was chaos, as moving often is, especially in the initial combining of two collections of stuff. There were boxes everywhere, furniture in various states of reassembly, piles of stuff that may still be sitting in my garage to this day, unknown and unknowable. Into this environment I retrieved my cat.

In order to avoid too much confusion, immediately the two creatures became known as MurphCat and MurphDog.

The MurphCat was a tiny, skittish critter who had only ever known my apartment and my parent’s house. Bringing her into the chaos caused her to find a safe, dark, hidey hole from which she would come out only when all was quiet, to eat the food we kept putting out for her. Once in a while I would hear her so I knew she was alive around there somewhere, but she wasn’t coming out to face this new reality any time soon.

The MurphDog was an old, old beagle-ish short of dog who was possibly the most friendly and easy-going canine in the history of the planet. It didn’t matter if you had seen her every day of her life or if you were a total stranger, if you would pet her or feed her (even better!) she would sit at your feet and soak it up for hours. She was having a good time with the chaos. Lots of new things to sniff and play with.

The first full weekend after we moved it was a roaster, up in the 90’s at least. My priority task, like it or not, was to tackle the back yard which had been neglected for months and was now waist high. The First Wife was off on some errand or another, so grabbed my machete, lawn mower, and bug spray and dove into the task.

Two hours or so later, sweating like a pig, sunburned, dehydrated, wearing only shorts and about to drop, I let the MurphDog out to check out the work. I got something to drink and, with no furniture yet to sit on in the living room, lay down on the carpet in front of the television to watch the ballgame and recuperate. Needless to say, I was asleep in five minutes.

As the house was now quiet, the MurphCat came out of her hiding spot to look around. The only familiar thing she found was me. She took the chance and curled up on my chest to fall asleep herself.

What a peaceful scene.

Which brings us to The First Wife coming home, oblivious to my position or condition in the living room. She sees the MurphDog sitting out on the back porch, wanting to come in, so she opens the screen. MurphDog goes exploring and finds me and the MurphCat.

Friendly dog. Loving dog. Curious dog. She knew that the MurphCat was around, her nose still worked just fine, but she hadn’t been properly introduced. Here was her chance!

The MurphDog padded over, stuck her nose about 2mm from MurphCat’s sleeping nose and quietly said, “Whooof??”

The MurphCat opened her eyes only to see the most humongous, terrifying, slavering, drooling beast in the world, no doubt about to eat her in one gulp!! She extended all eighteen razor sharp claws and dug in hard for maximum acceleration, going from zero to 9,000 mph in just under two seconds. Unfortunately, her navigation was a little off and she slammed into the leg of the kitchen table about five feet away, then started staggering around the kitchen in a daze.

I awoke suddenly to find my chest ripped open, heart surgery without benefit of anesthesia. From dreamland to intense pain in a fraction of a second, I made it to my knees before I started howling. There may have been some bad words said. Loudly. In Klingon.

The First Wife started laughing hysterically, laughing so hard that she literally could not stay on her feet. It’s a good thing that I come from a people that clot and coagulate well or I could have bled to death before she would have been able to call 911 or help.

The MurphDog just sat there, observing this all dispassionately, wondering what all the fuss was about. After all, she just wanted to say hello to her new housemate. What had happened?

In the end, the MurphCat recovered whatever senses she had and was none the worse for the self-imposed concussion. The MurphDog and The MurphCat became great friends. The First Wife finally caught her breath and figured out what had happened. I eventually healed, although to this day you can still see eighteen thin, horizontal scars across my chest. It became one of those family stories that gets laughed at every now and then. And my mother-in-law bought me this T-shirt:


Nope. Still not funny.


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Joey Contemplating Evil Plans

Don’t let that calm façade fool you, there’s mischief being planned behind those innocent, green eyes. No doubt it involves new and unexpected ways to gouge bloody claw marks up and down my thighs as she launches herself into Low Earth Orbit from my lap.


In the interest of retaining this site’s “Mostly Harmless & More Or Less Family Friendly” rating, I’ll spare you all from pictures of the aforementioned wounds.

You’re welcome!



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No Flash Fiction — Have A Time Machine, Instead

As we all know, Thursday is normally the time for my weekly post regarding Chuck Wendig’s weekly Flash Fiction Challenge. However, this week it’s again a simple “Write a one sentence thing” assignment, to be posted directly to his site.

Instead, stealing a meme from the Twitter and Facebook worlds where Thursdays are “Throwback Thursdays”, here are some pictures from (probably) very early 1973. At the time I was just starting to take a LOT of pictures (it had to have started somewhere) and with film and processing being expensive, I was learning how to do my own darkroom work. I also was buying black and white 35mm film stock in 100′ rolls and loading my own 36-frame film cartridges in order to save money.

These pictures are recently scanned from those 40+ year old negatives.


Winter in small-town southern Vermont. I was probably standing in snow up to my hips on the hill above the town square in order to take this.


Very, very early experiments to see what simple astrophotography I could do. I didn’t have anything that might be described as a decent camera, just a box-like Brownie for myself and an ancient 35mm Argus (?) camera of my dad’s that I could borrow at times. It wasn’t an SLR, had no “auto” anything, focusing was sort of hit or miss, and you had to guess (or learn) at setting the exposure and f/stop manually. It did not have interchangeable lenses and I didn’t have a telescope yet, so I was trying to see if I could take pictures of the moon using a pair of binoculars with the camera held up to the eyepiece.

The exposure’s all wrong, it’s not in good focus at all — but it’s almost kinda-sorta maybe recognizable as the moon?


My sister’s kitten. She probably got it for Christmas and the critter went through multiple names. I think it was originally Thumper, which changed to something like “Doofus” when my parents inherited the cat when my sister moved out a few years later. The name later devolved into “Doovie” and the cat got big, fat, slow, friendly, toothless, and drooly. Unless I’m completely mis-remembering (which is quite possible) she lasted long enough for at least a couple of my kids to play with in the late 1980’s.

Sixteen or seventeen years old for a cat? Could be, Joey Chan’s already coming up on fourteen and she seems healthy enough, except for “feline Alzheimer’s.” (She’s forgotten to be aloof and now wants to be petted and held.)

A special note for the wallpaper – the polka dots were black, silver, and brown. I really wish I had a color picture. (I might have 8mm film, maybe I could find a really tiny and grainy frame to scan.) The only thing that screamed “EARLY SEVENTIES!” louder than that wallpaper was the wallpaper in every other room of the house. With eight kids, three stories, and seven bedrooms, we had a LOT of really bizarre wallpaper that seemed perfectly normal and trendy at the time.

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Flash Fiction: Defenders Of The Universe!

This week’s daunting Flash Fiction Challenge from our pen-monkey overlord, Chuck Wendig, is to write a story that’s nothing but ACTION! The idea, something a little different for me, came in a thunderbolt. I hope that I pulled it off.


I was startled out of a sound sleep by a loud noise, possibly my name being screamed in agony. Instantly awake and on my feet, riding a surge of adrenaline-soaked energy, I scanned the area for danger.

There it was! My ancient archenemy, returned again to wreak havoc and inflict a horrible, painful, slow death on everyone in the land!

With a snarl I leapt for him, but as always, he was too quick. He danced around my thrusts and parries, playing with me. I tried to pin him to the ground but somehow he always slipped my killing lunge. I battled onward!

When he finally was being worn down by my relentless assault, he tried to flee like the coward he was. I chased after him, victory soon to be mine. All I needed to do was corner him. In honest, one-on-one combat, battling like the true warriors we were, I would be triumphant at last!

Inexplicably, he escaped from certain death at my hand by climbing straight up the wall! Defying gravity with some unheard of, demonic power, he danced on the vertical surface, mocking me, just out of reach from my leaping, spinning, and tumbling attacks. Taunting me with maniacal fervor, he repeatedly snuck down the wall behind me, tantalizingly close, and lured me into yet another futile attack, only to somehow leap across the gap to cavort with glee on the other wall!

As a wail of anguish and sorrow ripped from my throat, reinforcements arrived and the enemy was attacked from above! Flying high from his unseen, secret lair, The White One slammed into him, sacrificing his body in pursuit of our triumph over evil. I was in awe of the bravery and fighting skill shown by my partner as he forced the evil one back down onto the floor!

But cursed be my slow reflexes! I allowed the demon to slip past me and back out onto open ground. The White One and I pounded after him, the sound of our running like thunder, trying to close the distance so we could finish him off!

The monster turned and tried to get behind us. His turning radius was incredible, almost supernatural. A freak of nature, unfettered by the restrictions of mass and physics, he spun around us like a cyclone. Desperately now on the defensive, we spun as fast as we could to keep the beast in sight, but soon we began to get dizzy and confused. His dastardly plan was working!

Suddenly, as he finished having his way with us, while we were vulnerable and unable to defend ourselves, he again scurried back into the corner and hovered. He skittered back and forth as if he was waiting for us to attack again. Why had he not finished us off? Why were our lives spared? Why was he now waiting for us to recover and re-engage in combat? We knew it was a trap, but we could not help but throw ourselves headlong into the ambush!

As I had expected, the mutant spawn waited until we were nearly on him before zooming off at super speed. The fiend somehow was always able to keep just ahead of us. Still dizzy and dazed, The White One and I tumbled over one another in our excitement and the overwhelming, burning desire to be the one to kill this monstrosity from hell!

The White One and I split up at last as I jumped ahead of the demon’s path. Finally we had it trapped between us. Fearful it would again try to escape with that new, seemingly impossible trick of climbing the wall, I batted and struck at it from above to prevent its escape!

As the monstrosity realized it was trapped, it again almost magically leaped across the ground to squat in the middle of the room. Ready for this trickery this time, both The White One and I pounced on it and buried it under our razor-sharp claws!

Triumphant but exhausted, we looked for the carcass of our fallen enemy. As had happened so many times before, the horror had vanished without a trace. The White One was smug and proud with his role in vanquishing the demon as he began climbing back up to his hidden lair, high above in the heights to which I could not yet climb.

I made a quick circuit of our demesne to guarantee the icon of evil was no longer present or lurking in wait for my defenses to be lowered. Confident at last that another attack was not imminent, I returned to my warm, comfy spot on my human’s lap and curled up.

I kept one eye open as I started to drift back to sleep, but the Demon Red Laser Pointer Dot From Hell dared not make another appearance this day.

I fell asleep, purring contently.

Kittens rule!

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Juicy Chunks O’ Wisdom For Friday, August 15th

‘Cause there’s family in town for a wedding this weekend, that’s why.

  • The “Panoramic Photography #1” post was the 500th for “We Love The Stars Too Fondly.”  Wow. Really, seriously. Wow.
  • Remember as a kid when you would see a VW Beetle and smack your sibling in the shoulder and yell, “Slugbug!” Now that we’re seeing Tesla’s all over the place, can we start a new tradition of shocking our travelling companions with a taser and yelling, “Taser Laser?”
  • The “Flash Fiction: Amusement” post earned the 1000th “Like” for WLTSTF. More wow.
  • Having house guests (last month it was kids, this month the Long Suffering Wife’s sister) means that you have to wear pants and close the door when you go to the bathroom. Ah, how easy it is to slip into that relaxed, living without restrictions lifestyle, and how soon we miss it when it’s gone.
  • Following the “SHAZBATT!!” post, two new followers of WLTSTF became #200 and #201.
  • In one of the more odd displays of household animal behavior seen here recently, Joey Chan today attacked, molested, and sexually assaulted the purse belonging to The Long Suffering Wife’s niece. Mind you, this is a cat who has not once that I remember in her entire life come out of hiding when there were non-household humans present. Today, with both The Long Suffering Wife’s sister and niece here, not only did Joey make an appearance, but when ape on that purse for absolutely no reason that we can determine. This may be one of the signs of the Apolocalypse.
  • Finally, over on the Twitter side (@momdude56), my list of followers is creeping up as well, now up to 56. It’s progress.
  • If the Westboro Baptist Church really wanted to make some money, they should put some points system or test on their website which lets you see your progress toward getting them to picket your funeral. Maybe some pointers on what you can do to expedite your way to the top of the list — like being a decent, loving, caring, tolerant human being instead of a flaming asshole. But I digress…
  • I’m very grateful for everyone’s support here. Your comments, “likes,” and participation are the gooey raspberry-flavored runner’s gelpacks that keep my writing fingers flying. Upward and onward!

Remember, “There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots.”

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Odds & Sods For Wednesday, July 23rd

Item The First: Since you’re all cool and wonderful and “in the know” type folks (hey, you read this every day, right?) I’m sure you’ve all already seen this ultra-fantastic video. But just in case you’ve been too busy fighting crime and saving civilization, go watch it now! It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that?!” things where it’s obvious once someone else has done it and now you’ll see everyone doing it, but this is the first that I’ve seen and it is just awe-inspiring.

Jos Stiglingh took a DJI Phantom 2 amateur drone capable of going up several hundred feet and (probably) a half-mile or so from the operator, attached a high-def GoPro camera – then flew it into the Sunfest 2014 fireworks display in West Palm Beach, Florida! The soundtrack was originally “Con Te Partiro” by tenor Andrea Bocelli and it was perfect — apparently there were copyright issues and now it’s got a hard-driving techno soundtrack that SoundHound can’t identify.

Either way, if this isn’t the most stunning video you see today, you’ve obviously had a much more interesting day than I have!

Item The Second: And then there’s that moment when you hear your computer going nuts, the “Windows Default Beep” sounding off like DingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDingDing… You figure that it’s probably smoking and tossing bits of the hard disk all over the room and you’re desperately trying to remember how recent your last full backup was, until you find that it’s just the freakin’ cat who decided to sit down on the keyboard and start bathing.

Item The Third: Has anyone else noticed that the ebola outbreak in Africa is still growing? Even three and a half months after we were told not to worry, “it’s quite difficult to transmit” and “the risks are quite small.” Now it’s blown way past all previous outbreaks to be the largest ever, both in terms of the number of people infected (over a thousand), the number of fatalities (632), and the size of the region showing cases (started in Guinea, has now spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone as well). To show just how bad it’s getting, the top researcher in Sierra Leone’s effort to combat the outbreak now has contracted the disease himself.

They will let us know when to worry, right? Or do we wait until we see Brad Pitt running past us, pursued by zombies?

Item The Fourth: As a long, LONG time fan of Weird Al Yankovic’s music, it’s great to see his new “Mandatory Fun” album hitting the charts at #1. We’ve seen him a couple of times in concert over the years and he really puts on a great show. His parodies are great and many of his original songs are wonderful. The “polka mashups” on many of his albums are sheer genius. He’s a treasure.

Over the last week he’s been releasing videos from the new album, eight videos in eight days. The first couple, “Tacky” (apparently one long tracking shot?!) and “Word Crimes” (superb and clever animation) were outstanding, and on “First World Problems,” one of my other all-time favorite people-who-happen-to-be-musicians, Amanda Palmer, sings backup.

Item The Fifth: Speaking of music, what’s your walk-up music? I asked this question a while back and I’m sure that you’ve all been giving it a lot of thought. Feel free to drop your answers into the comments, but for me, I think it would depend on my mood.

If I wanted to freak out the opposition and see if anyone was actually listening to the words of a song they almost certainly hadn’t heard before, I would use the chorus of Julia Ecklar’s “Temper of Revenge.” I would use the more upbeat and angry version off of the “Divine Intervention” album (which you can buy here, hint, hint). “Find me a horse / As red as the sun / Find me a blade / That will make their blood run / I will ride out at dawn / While the sun’s in the sky / So the buzzards can see / Where the bodies will lie.” Yeah, that would get their attention.

If I just wanted to be unconventional and weird, what better than some of the above-mentioned “Weird Al” Yankovic? Although it would be tough to decide whether to use one of his parodies (to see if anyone’s actually listening and notices that it’s not the original) or one of his great original songs.

But let’s say that those plans are nixed by either a stodgy team management or by the Prince of Darkness himself. What can I get away with for a more “conventional” choice? After all, they’ve allowed “Sympathy For The Devil” and heavy metal tunes such as “Enter Sandman” have become routine. So, surely I could use something like Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves Of London” or Frank Zappa’s (NSFW!)Dinah Moe Humm

To push the boundaries completely, how about TonioK’s (pretty NSFW) “H-A-T-R-E-D” or The Nails’ (yeah, a great song, but NSFW) “Eighty-Eight Lines About Forty-Four Women”? Or go completely to the opposite extreme (as Josh Reddick of the Oakland A’s did) and use something like “Defying Gravity” from “Wicked” or Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne”?

What mood would I be in today?


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Evil Joey Chan

I’m more of a “dog person” than a “cat person,” which is not to say that I don’t enjoy a warm, purring ball of fluff in my lap on a cold evening. But given the choice, I would (and will in the future) have a dog (or two) but no cats. For now however, I “inherited” my daughter’s cat when she went off to college, so Joey Chan is “mine.”

The Long-Suffering Wife is mildly allergic to cats, so the two of them have long since reached an uneasy truce. The only time they’re supposed to have any real interaction is when I’m gone and Ronnie has to feed Joey for a day or two. Joey seems to be forgetting this as she’s gotten older and more senile (Joey, not Ronnie) and she will occasionally try to hop up onto Ronnie’s lap for petting and snuggles. Much hilarity has been known to occur during such events.

Both household critters, Joey the cat and Jessie the dog, are getting on in years. Neither is as spry as they used to be and they both sleep about twenty-three hours a day. (Since they used to sleep twenty-two hours a day it’s not much of a change.) We’ve noticed that both are exhibiting odd behavior. Jessie has started sleeping in places she’s never slept before, i.e., right next to my side of the bed, which makes it interesting when I get up in the dark and have to remember she’s there and try not to step on her. Jessie’s also doing that “digging through the carpet” thing that dogs sometimes do before they lie down. Another thing that she’s never done before, and another thing that’s a real joy at 3:00 AM.

Joey on the other hand is showing her senility in other ways. As the joke goes, she’s forgotten to be aloof. Where for years I was tolerated only because I was the “food guy,” now I’m the number one source of attention and petting and scratching. I don’t remember her ever wanting any attention or petting at all from anyone when she was younger.

The other thing she’s doing is taking over my office chair the instant I get out of it and then refusing to get up when I come back.

photo 1


Doesn’t she look innocent? “Who, me?” “Is this YOUR chair?” “I was just keeping it warm for you!”

photo 2

“No, that doesn’t mean that I’m giving it back. Go away.”

In the past when she did this there was an easy solution. Now it no longer works at all and she actually seems to enjoy it:

Good thing that she’s cute. And that she gives me an excuse to post “emergency cat pictures” at the end of a week where the world’s had a tough time.

Be cool out there, folks. The world’s a better place when we stop acting like assholes, and that goes double for international leaders. (You know who you are!) Do unto others and all of that.

Let’s put the “peace” back in “Peace out.”

Peace out.




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It’s Thirty-Two O’Clock Somewhere

I’m not sure exactly how many times yesterday I had an idea about a post or reminded myself, despite being really busy, to go find some pictures to share — or something. Must have been at least a dozen, probably more. Somewhere along the way “I have to remember to do that” became “Oh, I must have done that.”

I guess that’s why they use checklists.

Then at 05:30 this morning, for no apparent reason, I’m suddenly wide awake thinking, “Did you ever actually put anything up on the site last night?” Well, um…

But I’m “saved” by the fact that it gets earlier as you go west, right? If it’s 8:00 here, it’s 11:00 in New York, but only 5:00 in Hawaii, only 2:00 in Sydney, and only 11:00 in Beijing. So if I’m in Beijing, it’s still yesterday, right?

The math is simple, you can double check it by working backwards, just like they taught us in fourth grade. In Beijing it’s 11:00 PM, or “2300 local” if you speak military. So in Sydney it’s “2600 local,” in Hawaii it’s “2900 local,” and here it’s “3200 local.”

Yeah, that adds up, especially if you don’t think about it too much.

Instead of thinking, have a couple of cat pictures from when I got my first DSLR at Christmas of 2005. I had bought the camera less than a week earlier and was still playing with buttons and learning what setting did what. Joey-from-almost-eight-and-a-half-years-ago made a good test subject. This bay window (recently installed at that time) was already her favorite place — still is.



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